Thoughts From an Abstract Life por Mark Shellshear

Thoughts From an Abstract Life por Mark Shellshear
Titulo del libro : Thoughts From an Abstract Life
Autor : Mark Shellshear

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Mark Shellshear con Thoughts From an Abstract Life

Thoughts from an Abstract life is a challenging look into the Artist world by a man who has spent 30 years as a practicing Artist, along with working in various Art Galleries in Asia and Australia.It is reality check for Artists of what to do and what no to do in their journey based on his experiences. The book challenges Artists about the romance of the Artist life and the reality of the Art market place.As an Artist you don’t have to choose between success and fame, they spring from the same life disciplines. In this book, you’ll discover the workable strategies you need for success:The challenge of Goals.Seek knowledge, learn all you can.Learn the miracle of personal discipline.Control your inner voice and self-talk.Make the Art Market work for you, not against you.Surround yourself with positive input.Learn the Art of always being the best Artist that you can possibly be.Author Mark Shellshear’s thoughts and ideas have helped many Artists change their lives for the better, discovering the inspiration they need to reinvigorate their Art career. Find out what it can do for you!